CIVI BIKES Cheetah Video Review - $2.3k Motorcycle Inspired Electric Bike Design, Powerful & Fast


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Description The CIVI BIKES Cheetah is a motorcycle inspired fat tire electric bike with powerful 750 watt geared hub motor from Bafang, unique battery integration designed to look like a gas tank, two battery size options. High-volume tires provide comfort and stability, padded grips, oversized sprung saddle, and swept back handlebar deliver comfort and an upright body position, this bike can handle taller riders. With a maximum allowable weight of 330lbs (150kb) this is a great electric bike for big people, integrated headlight has high and low beam, beautiful paint matched steel chain cover, three color options. Only available in one frame size, basic 7-speed drivetrain with somewhat limited 13 to 38 tooth cassette means there aren't as many options for climbing or pedaling at high speed, I experienced some delay with the 12-magnet cadence sensor but the twist throttle is smooth and both brake levers have motor inhibitors. This thing is a sturdy electric bike that would work well for big people, whether you're tall or just heavy. It really looks a lot like Sam's Harley motorcycle when we compared the two in his parking lot. To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for reviews and in-depth videos like this. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and accompanying written review are not meant to be an endorsement. Because this video involved payment from CIVI BIKES, I am labeling it as #Sponsored EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký


Dominik Strnad: This guy does not get it, mainly because this bike is meant for guys who want to look nothing like him while riding it :D

Epstein didn't kill Himself !: Get you buy this in England UK?

Peter Krska: Did anyone buy this other than professional reviewers? I trying to find some real consumer giving a review. Can't find one. I guess it's too expensive.

mark smith: With all that open area under the "tank" why not fill it with battery and make the tank a storage area. More battery = range, but also cost.

waiwirir: Through the covid19 Lockdown, I've been out for rides on my brother in-laws Scout version here in New Zealand. It is so cool, has 750watt motor which gives plenty of power, heavy yes I'm a short person even my knees get in the way, lol. Such a solid bike easy to ride.

crookback: can you ride this on biking lanes?

Boss Man: Pussy

Leprechean Incorporated: I am curious what did civi-bikes pay for this advertisement? Here at we also sell bicycles just like these. Perhaps a review of our bicycles?

Manjunath t p. manjunath: What is its cost ?

Shakeel Sheky: Hi..bro please tell me price of scout 750 can I purchase in Pakistan possible or not please tell me about that... waiting your reply..

Jennifer-Mireille Heinig: *looked at a lot of e-bikes and to me they all looked too modern. I like a vintage style▫▫▫>**ㅌ **   and this bike is exactly what I wanted! I would absolutely recommend the seller for such a fast response, and such an amazing product. Thank you SO much!!! I love my new bike!*

Dawn Jackson: Can you paint the frame violet or cream?

Al Lozito: I've mine for 4 months now , and 300 miles later best money spent! Lots of fun!

jorge gordillo: Change the fat wheelset to moped wheelset . Those last more 😬

Anonymous: Why not just buy a motorcycle?

hulk 30111999: i would like to buy

Brian Mahoney: Anyone want to hear my experience with Krafty Bikes? 843-270-8326

Eday Lobo: Por favor por qué no lo pueden decir en español, para saber más de la bicicleta, es que yo me compré una así

Altered Exposure Image Design: Really wish it had a mid-drive motor instead of a hub

Orbital Jellyfish: 31:12 “...when this baby hits 88mph, you’re gonna see some serious shit.”

Super Nez: I’m not a fan of motorcycles of any sort but that black and brown bike has really caught my eye! It’s looks so cool! What’s the cheapest you can get this for? And do they deliver to uk?

TheMrMk: All the time talking no ride at all.. boring vid

Luke Smithy: I really love this bike I’m seriously debating getting it but I’m wondering would Sam have any of the photos of when he altered the handlebars and lifted them for a customer just I’m a big guy too and they seem awful low for me. Thanks again great review.

Aldrin Dominguez: I got 2 ads before the vid

Isabelle Wilson: =56

Jamar Quvious: This is a bike I would risk jail to steal.

David Home: Very nice bike with motorcycle looks.

David Home: U

Marlowe Campos: Nice bobber looking frame

justSTUMBLEDupon: This is an EXCELLENT review!!!! Very detailed and very informative. I see why this guy has allot of customers because he know his stuff. SUBSCRIBED!!!!

DR. REAL SHIT: The bikes look really nice but it doesn't look good with a pilot on because the user sits too high up, looks nerdy they should lower the seat more in front of the rear tire almost like a chopper

Rose Phoenix: The bicycle cost to buy for this 💲 2,299.00 just to be clear that if you seen it you look at it you felt it and you sit on it if anyone want to buy it is your choice but however this is only that the people live like a good neighborhood like I don't know like anywhere of the entire 50 States because this is only like a put away in a garage and specially that it is important that everyone should know this if you got it enough space then just put away I'm just trying to say that to everyone that why did he try to explain it that it's going to be for everyone but not for all of them because sometime there it could be like very expensive but some other people that I'm going to say this the truth how you say this want to see something of a futuristic new but I have to say this everything of my words that I say the truth that the future is coming to keep moving forward for the bicycle any kind of different designs but you already know that everyone love to enjoy something of a new to buy a new bicycle and everyone to love to ride a bicycle but sometime that a bicycle light is to have fun like wider big Open Spaces but some media people they just love to ride a bicycle to move their faith to do some more exercise of a of a good healthy body it is I have to say this everything right now but this is the truth

da ne: I really like this bike! Price point is a little high. ($1700) Should have optional extra battery mount on the lower frame bar for longer distances. Taller people need a larger frame size , bars are to wide for my like.

Asa Israel: Can the handle bars be changed to ape hangers?

Filip 36: Made in China by Bisek under the name 'Leopard'. For sale on Alibaba starts at 795 $ - I'm not affiliated. Amazing difference in price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Felix: Great review, thanks, Really like this E-Bike ! Loaded with features ! Wonder how it would look with a rear rack on it ???

MJ: I love this bike because it's perfect for me,it combines the two things that i love,bikes and motorcycles.

Colin Gee: Is the battery removable for charging or storage indoors? I live in Canada, I don’t want to leave it in the garage where temperatures can get below 25C in the winter.

Сергей Вьюнов: 👍🙂

Todd Chellman: You are not a good person to do these reviews. The tires are 26x4 not 26x2.4 and how can you give a review on bikes and have no background with bikes in general ..... so whats that harley have a v8 come on and bitching about chain bounce off a curb just very annoyed with this guy and his lack of knowledge

Team Shmo: This bike looks so cool.

Mr. Officer: The owner has cool stories,  but you don't want to be interrupted ?. . . . You are on his property.

Teo P: Interesting review. .....but why do you keep gesturing like a hip-hop rapper?

Broc Luno: Cool :)

Rose Phoenix: Those bicycles that look very great and look promising for the past to the present into the future but however some people that they could buy it because they say it is like a heavy dinosaur same state because no one have like a how you say Suburban neighborhoods are apartment stairs and some of them have elevators and sometimes that they don't have no space to put bicycle that can I just buy it anyway and that is the truth anyway you know because sometimes that bicycle they never last long how you say for the weather outside now they say that you lift a bicycle outside for 5 months and you see the bicycle that is still look good on the pain but not the wheels or the brakes that's the problem and remember this many people that they all have no space to put a bicycle like this you shouldn't know this already many people like it may be people they don't like you but I know that you wanted to expire Abyss bicycle it looks great and you like it so much because you left a house not apartment not a debater and out of stairs because you live of a nice neighborhood and I congratulate you anyway some people have privacy of house others the length of apartment stairs and a elevator and some of them they don't have no in space and that is the truth

Frank Crawford: That is not only cool in appearance but the bike is well thought out.

Isaac kent: Where do you get replacement tyres, are they just motorcycle tyres?

Uncle Fjester: That Bike needs Ape handle bars

Alexander Hamilton: Awesome bike. I'd have to sand off the paint offa that gas tank and spray paint it in WWII Olive drab, then stencil on a nice white star on there

James Copeland: "powerful" and "750watt" do NOT go together.

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký

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