Israeli 'precision' airstrikes are hitting civi...


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CNN's Barbara Starr reports on the precision strikes against Hamas in Gaza.

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aboobaker mahamed dawood: Israeli should start leaving Israel if they really show they solidarity.hate wat they doing..genocide to baby's mother's etc Oh god cum to they rescue.listen to prayer of oppress!!!Ameen...surely u don't sleep.send u unseen help!!!!

anne smith: Hamas hit this UN facility in order to blame Israel. Wake up US.... DO NOT TRUST TERRORISTS' reporting!!!! You can see the damage done was by Hamas strikes and not Israeli. (Pallywood)....... So maybe the UN should condemn Hamas for killing their own civilians for fun.

Anthony Rodrigo: Hamas deploys young military trained children to the battlefield to exploit the Geneva conventions rules of war against the countries who care for innocent casualties in war... Just like isis.. no.ko.. Hezbollah.. ect.. So the only one killing innocent ppl are the cowards calling themselves soldiers/warriors for Hamas.

tran hau: I support what Israel is doing. They have the right to defense themselves. Hamas members are among the civilians who are also terrorists. The Palestinian have to eliminate Hamas from their community if they want peace and safe.

John Doukhuallian Zou: The Arabs vowed that they will push the Israelis into the Mediterranean Sea during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, that was the only option they Had for the Israelis even until now. Had the power were in the hands of a Palestinian they would simply Annihilate Israel and Israelis from the surface of the world this is the mentality of every individual Palestinian let alone Peace.

Nick: Fuck Israel and Hamas

preto shohmoofc guy: An arab and an Israeli kid are having a fist fight in the playground, and the Israeli kid is kicking the living crap out of the palestinian. And I mean, the Israeli is knocking his teeth out. The teacher runs up and pulls them a part, and says, "What is going on here?" To which the arab kid screams out, "HE'S A MONSTER!" The teacher than responds, "What did he do?" The arab kid yells out, "He hit me BACK!"

Vladimir Logrono: you want peace, never attack israel or else, face the consequence.

p3rrypm: Then start sending in UN troops to round up Hamas and this will likely end quick. I have no doubt the U.N. Will not so that though.

K.A Media: weird how they mix photos in this report to show facts in a way as if Israel and hamas to equal stats forces and what happens in Gaza is just a war .. while it is clearly an attack on civilians after blocking them for 8 years and killing their civilization and human being. whatever Hamas does today is the reaction .. not the action of occupation itself. 

Adam yeha: Israeli logic: I blame you for killing you

Hamzah Bin Abdul: CNN ALSO LIES...

K Hassan: These filthy nazi sons of pig where's are precisely targetting civilians as their aim is genocide of the whole Arab race living there so no one can object to their take over. Nowadays everything is made in China except Cowards, they are made in pigsrael. When they stop bombing like pussies and try to go in on foot they start to piss themselves and get killed by real men. All this about hamas firing from schools etc is bullshit. They know the majority of world's population are thick and will believe whatever they say.

diza71: FUCK YOU ISRAEL!!!

Hazsans: CNN again giving voice to monsters!

widopalu: Yeah. it's true Israrel more evil than Nazi

OmegaKent: Ignore the blather about tunnels and human shields. Netanyahu is pursuing his ongoing aim of total subjugation of Palestinians and total control of their land. Palestinians will fight back.

Connor Brown: They r told ahead of time but they refuse to leave

Khan Islam: Maybe if Hamas didn't break EVERY ceasefire. These Islamic terrorists hate their own people, the biggest killer of muslims is other muslime, unlike the jews who protect their community. I'm a gentile and can see the rise of anti-semitism in Europe, since Europe is run by liberal communists and Islamists. Jews will carry out Aliyah and return to Israel due to this, they will then accept a false Messiah and sign a peace treaty before facing tribulation and finally accepting Yeshua of Nazereth as the true Messiah, and then the end will come. He who has an ear, let him hear!

Hello: Well if UN and US want this to stop they should take an active role and don't let Hamas put missiles in UN schools (3 times find so far in their property ) Also Palestinian shouldn't let Hamas operate next to their kids but the problem is They have no value for their children or their own life.

tayyab naqvi: fuck you israel 


ChristsSaved: Isreal is being unilaterally being attacked from all sides of which their strikes are uncalculated and set to destroy lives, Israel's attacks are at key weapons places to prevent retaliation. One recent attack that was 'supposed' to be from Israel was a missfired rocket by Hamas.


Masood the tutor: mercy mercy please please

Uncle Sam: Israel, you need to minimize the civilian casualties and speed this operation up. Losing international support _will not bode well for Israel in the long run_. You're placing all your eggs in one basket with this operation.

NGSPC4Life: i call BULL SHIT in this day and age Artillery round are friggin precise, ask anyone in the service rounds arent just thrown down range with a hope of well i hope it hits its targets, No BS Artillery can support pin down units and danger close range, so that BS about stray rounds is just that BS if we has stray rounds land off target people would be arrested artillery is controlled by fire support specialist and you have to DAMN good at your job, Seriously how does isreal help us we give about 2 billion in military loans almost every year since '97

k: I think it's probably better for Israel to occupy Gaza because Israel can send in boots to hunt Hamas instead of just shelling an entire city.

ISHOGUNofHARLEM: Where is the "Human Shield" evidence

Allah and islam way of life: Fuck u CNN Do popper work

Dom Torres: I would love to be the example I and suing Denver County Police Department but am asking for no money but only the other video tape that can be a firm example of brutality so what is the city do.

Dom Torres: And let the truth set you free......

Archey Burger: Ukrainian "precise" artillery strikes kill dozens of civilians every day. But admitting that and trying to somehow stop it will prove that the US were wrong and Russia was right. So instrad let's not give a fuck and let it be. That's the american way! Good job Uncle Sam!

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Israeli 'precision' airstrikes,'precision' airstrikes are,airstrikes are hitting