Payday 2 - Big Bank Solo Stealth Death Wish All Bags No Civi Kills - Summary


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Heisters, Despite not recording any live commentary while doing this I decided to shorten up the video with highlights and share some of my thoughts about the contract. Perhaps when I do the entrapment achievement I'll do it with live commentary. If you want to watch this heist in its entirety go here: Build: Loadout: Primary - Car4 w/ stealth barrel, competition foregrip, straight grip, vintage mag, wide stock, exotique receiver. Secondary - Bernetti 9 w/ asepsis suppressor, ergo grip, elite slide. Play with other Arrow Key Heisters: Join me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter:

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký


Shagg M. 2wyce: Thanks for elaborating on certain parts of the heist and giving a calulated/timing aspect while helped ....DS (one Down)....FEB 2019

First Name Last Name: New subscriber here. Cool channel :D

PorschePal79: I would loop the camera in the hallway.

All Terrorists Should Die: theres this one guard that just stands there and i need to put the fingerprint in. im still waiting and i have no body bags

ACSR Gaming: How did you add all that stuff to the top right cause that'll be clutch if I knew how many pagers I had.

Yo Mama: when I tried to stealth I killed the people I couldn't hostage.then I got spotted by a can I didn't see. I suck

Leon: this clickbait doesn't get all the bags

Megan Slattery: I tried to do this just a second ago and I got spotted through a marble column and a guard saw the vault door open!

Nicolas Oda: did they patch this? cuz i entered the second part of the bank without killing the guards and they didnt notice the door open

x TaG x: Lol I like how you can hack computers while their using it

ARA NL: your cool 😄😄😄😄😄

Smoked Robot Pâté: Amazing. Really well done.

Rebelismus Toper: Hey how can i get this HUD ? :) please answer me :)

Wazzzaaa: how do you have this icon in the top right to see how many pagers left is that a mod?

Philipp Hegyi: This is not deathwish the cameras is normals not deatwish-cameras

NV: fuck you are a noob

NV: ArrowKeyGaming is stealing from another vedio

Melon Dog: Welp after 10 times of falling art gallery death wish this is gonna be a pain

HouseTreeHillDog Forest911406Allen: Your total profit was 790k??? What the fuck, I get at least 800k by doing Framing Frame on OVERKILL if I just get 4 paintings instead of getting all 8 which would give me 1 MIL in total profit. And that shit's a lot easier than this fucking bank job. I'll never understand why OVERKILL released this game for consoles without even half of what they added in it when they finally finalized it for PC. Those Lazy, Greedy basterds. Fuck them.

James Wood: How do you have the hoxhud timer and the default circle thing when interacting?

TheElectricMan1000: now that i think of it... you can just do the whole heist in casing mode :P

Salt Savage: If you have 2 people when you hack the first terminal then a computer well beep and a sign well pop up on the right computer. do this its way easier

Alex Watkins: awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FO61: 4:53 LOL she has powers

Siu Tong: How can he see his own damage deal? i really want to know >.<

Tbomb1001: shoot the painting in one of the manager rooms where you took one of the managers there was  a safe behind it for me that had a keycard

_Woods: The skill build link is out of air.... can some one give me another link or something?

Rhys: Why did you discontinue this series Bro! WHY!!!!!

Levsta: How do you mark someone?

hop yo: I saw him in a live stream in twitch

hop yo: Spaz is still here

Shu7e: can someone please tell me how he gets to see the sec. when interacting with things? please let me know

jensbrach: 05:45, somebody else saw "Team$Evil" on the display in the top left corner? Pretty cool on my opinion :)

Brandon Garcia: Hey Spaz, in the first part of the bank, you took out 3 guards right? 2 regular, and one from the elevator. I keep getting 3 guards, then one more from the elevator. Did they change this in the past two weeks or something? Or does the amount of guards change? It make getting the bags out alot more difficult, since I had zero pagers left.

Hayden123457: wow

Protector 101: Man... that was intense! You almost got caught lol! Thank you for posting this summary video, it's the perfect length for me to watch while I eat lunch :)

Jayden Ransom: Like your style but do you have any ps3 gameplay

Imperator: Spaz, the keybox WAS in the manager's office area. You missed it

Seylle: Just wondering how much is payday 2 on pc and is it better than consle?

Crow: having a hostage shield would be a perfect idea :l it would be better to move people instead of making them come to you and it would discourage cops from shooting at you :P also DUH act as a shield (probably make it a skill? can do it to cops if you have the skill too?)

shadowkiller207: the second key card is in the safe behind the painting in the manger's office  it usually spawn in the one across the elevator  

Anthony Lee: What is that timer inside the circle that is green, how do you get it?

Phillip Kwok: this was a really nice idea spaz :3

Vicky Fuck: Hey, did you know about the cheesy toast safe?  If the bald manager doesn't have a card, just knock down the painting in the office he likes to stand in and open the safe.  You'll see some cheesy toast and maybe a keycard.

KE: ALWAYS put the hostages behind the Power or AC unit on the terrace. The reason being is that sometimes you get another civilian to come out of the elevator and he patrols EVERYWHERE. Never keep them in the office, it can be bad sometimes

moorfunky: First LOL

EyDontActDumb: Can you do Big Bank Loud,Any difficulty(prefferably deathwish),Solo,all bags,and no civi kills? Pretty hard :D

1A5ss: Can someone tell me how to toggle pager?

Scrubbles : ゼロ: 3:12 you missed the key box :P

Markus Supphellen: Can u make a video of firestarter first day stealth new video ? I think the other one is outdated . But dunno

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký

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