Joe Rogan Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock


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Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” & “Magicians of the Gods”. His new book "America Before" comes on out April 23.

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Sal: its time for a Graham Hancock Randall Carlson 2020 special

K Topfield: To me it's kinda absurd to compare modern drug use to shamans of old. Back in those days (and in some tribes these days) psychedelics were used in rituals, today, people use them just to feel good. Like with so many other things before, when thinking about legalizing something, you must always ask; where we draw the line ? & what could happen ?

Archbishop Of Canterbury: What an amazing attitude this bloke has

Trent Ward: I almost need to throw up after the amount of mind-blowing info I just absorbed... Jaw has been on the floor for 3 hours I need some water

jj32183: Y'all really want your minds blown read the Book of Mormon as a historical text instead of religious and it tells the history of many of these lost civilizations, especially that of the eastern US.

genesis0932: This is awesome

will: JRE is fucking amazing

thomson leith: Analemma is a new shkscraper that will hang off an asteroid brought into our orbit

thomson leith: enki is god of anunnaki

thomson leith: possibly your manbags are called kite by nz maori

Laura Rooney: First

Skyshatter: You should have Graham on once every 6 months.

mosankoba: Graham" The Fingerprints of the Underworld Magicians from the 2015 Gods from the Misrepresented History of the Americas 13,400 ago Jacques. Cinq. Mars." Hancock.

mosankoba: Graham spoke 200,000 words Joe : 1243 words Randall: 344. Graham is the most efficient wind up doll I have ever witnessed! 40 word question = 23,000 word answer. Randall is passed out eyes open about to fall off the chair due to the Graham "Imma talk so much, you will fall into a trance" Hancock lucid exposé of you know...stuff... takatakatakatakatakatkatkatkatkatktktkatkatkatkatkat ..... try speeding it up.

Louise Caplan: Who wants to be stranded on a desert island with Graham ? 🏝 (I would listen to his stories for decades!) pass the blunt! 😄

Micamicamaru Miru: 1:20:16 This sounds like the show Devs

Secret Owl: Check out Thunderbolts project documentaries. Amazing.

Secret Owl: My wife and I listen to Joe and she loves Hancock.

Fire_Element: Quetzacoatl was Ningishzidda in Mesopotamian lore.

TimmacTR: When Assassin's Creed storyline more real than mainstream science.. xD

Bradley Burnett: This episode was a fuckin banger

Moesn Nargul: im a fundamental religious fanatic, the only way forward is xenophobic and fanatic persecution of Xenos, Daemon and Heretical Beings and nonhumans across the galaxy for the glory of the God-Emperor Ave Imperium

Sh: It bothers me when he says valley and data,

Clandestine Comments: Hancock is an Indian word... Means to molest or wank

Ooofinator4K: is it bad to say that the dmt realm could be like another dimension where everything is the same but with the effects of DMT the ancient civilizations used this dmt realm to find where to put these structures as if either rebuilding the dmt realm in our own dimension or for a greater purpose, ive never done dmt myself because my mind is not ready for it yet, and listening along this is what was going through my mind. for example the ancient Egyptians used dmt to explore that dmt realm, and create their own map of the dmt realm, it might have been as if looking into another time like the future where there were all these megolithic structures which fueled them to create their own versions of these in our own world thousands of years ago. An example of this could be when the americans landed in PNG, the natives had never seen these ghosts before (white people) i believe this was during world war I or II, when the americans landed they brought Planes and runways, infrastructure to set up these massive advanced bases that the natives would have no idea what they were for, so when the americans left they took everything with them. The native people rebuilt their own versions of these structures not knowing what they were for, but hoping that they would some day return to their land. sorry if this made no sense to you but i had to get what i was thinkin out somewhere!

Hitmans30a: 1:20:10 . Joe just wrote the script for 'Devs' !

swabilius: Come on, Joe, please bring Randall and Graham back, I need updates :)

Why Google?: When we go to war, we should instead announce to the other side that we’re going to spray them with DMT and have them trip balls. Then hope that the experience stops them.

Ninja Sushi: An E-book read by Graham himself?! Shut up and take my money!!

Ninja Sushi: Graham Hancock is my favorite guest.

Naglis Kisielius: 13:10 someone drop link for that podcast plz

Joao Batista: Humans have been around for millions of years.

Lucky Lee: Outstanding interview. Thanks Joe for bringing someone as brilliant as Graham Hancock to a wider audience.

Marco MWDetails: 1 year later and Graham still blows my mind, definitely need him back on.

Paul England: I think Joe rogan just predicted the Alex garland TV show 'Devs' around about the 1:17:00 Mark. His thought about computational historical predictions by way of studying every thing we know so far.

Dennis Smith: Douglas Vogt would be potentially, a great interview! Diehold institute, very informative as is pertains to catastrophe cycles and other relevant data! Credible! Micro nova etc!

Wayne Plaisted: Being able to love??? Is this dude a fairy?

Wayne Plaisted: Pseudo science crap

Wayne Plaisted: Your a brit ? And had ta go to Russia to drink milk straight out of a cow? Jesus christ your credibility is evaporating

Wayne Plaisted: I hope 1 of those comets hits NZ jacinder and the hories are continuously fucking this country

Johannes Askehov: 02:51 Look at how Graham is wearing his watch. Hahaha

Michael Card: In the section where he described the henges found in the Amazon, it reminds me of some chapters which describe fortifications used in times of war in the Book of Mormon, which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds as a historical record of the Americas.

ARADHANA AGRAWAL: Much as I love and adore Graham Hancock, I find it strange how he deliberately avoids including "India" in any of his comments. Mmmmmmm

Ishan Desai: I hear this podcast and it smelled fishy to me. I did some google research and it shows that this guy is a crackpot and doesn't know what he's talking about. He makes money off of pointing legit archaeologist's theories and combining many facts just to support his theory. He is basically a fiction writer who sometimes uses true facts. I did not had any pre assumptions about him but i saw this and he felt really awkward and weird, and he's just a fucking journalist. And a bad one! You guys really think archaeologists are really hiding true theories from surfacing? Like how would it help their cause? Would it make them money in any way? This guy should be ignored.

awjb3: how come we havent had Randall Carlson on recently? we need more of him too!

Eric Byrne: I’m 16 but I have learned more from joe Rogans podcasts then I have more things in school and I enjoy this graham Hancock is a legendary man

j_ p1r4t3: Our true history ❤️

Kyle Damron: Might as well forget what I learned in history class it's all wrong lol

Aaren Gaud: 2:31:10 high joe 2:32:22

Leroy Vincent: would love to see Graham and Neil deGrasse on a podcast together and just watch Joe go "WOW" the entire podcast

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