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Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký


Exploring Alabama: Zach’s Channel: ://

Creighton Workman: The crescent moon pin, isnt that a corps badge or a cape pin or something? That was cool!

Old-Medal Seeker: Dig that iron too might be artillery shells!!!

Old-Medal Seeker: Awesome!!!!!!

MNpicker: Awesome finds! Bummer to hear about Zach..hope he is better soon👍

TheSWolfe: It's Trini the Yellow Ranger! Played by Thuy Trang, who passed tragically Sept. 3, 2001 on I-5 near San Francisco when the car she was a passenger went out of control, rolled, breached the guardrail, & plunged over the cliff. So sad & so young, too, like 27, I believe. I know some old Ranger lore cuz my manchild was a big Mighty Morphin Power Rangers head as a little boy.

Diggitall Indadirt: Nice finds great bullets

Diggitall Indadirt: Where did you get the navy hatch cover on your kayak I like it

Kathryn Yeardley: Nice finds you guys well done keep going and keep finding relic's

Ржавые лики войны: Good fishing turned out! Excellent video and findings! Successful exits!

Mike Goodman: Nice bullets and other finds. Ya'll need to slow down pulling those rifles out of the riverbed. Need the under water view. Need to swish it out. Maybe even use a soft brush to clean around it. When you pull it out like that some of the rifle will flake off that is still stuck to the bottom. Tell Zac he'll feel better after he quits hurt'n. Man I hated it when you knocked off all the cool rocks on that half a horse shoe. That thing was neat seeing those rocks growing out of it. 155 years of ancient aging gone.

Floris van Vugt: Cool video

Exploring Alabama: UPDATE ON ZACH: Nothing broken, just nice gashes and cuts and a few weeks of, "dang this still hurts."

martin pender: when i was a kid i used to watch "cowboy films" whenever they caught up with the "bad guy" they would get him to throw his gun away, i never saw them pick it up , so i thought the wild west must be full of thrown away guns. LOL. True no war is civil or great. peace to you and yours mate. great vid EA you are a top bloke.

John Lawrence: Glad Zach is doing ok! Great finds. I'm guessing nobody has ever detected those sections of the river. Or maybe the finds are eroding out from a bank or the bottom of the river?

DetectorFun Metaldetecting: Wow! That’s some great finds guys! 👍🏻🙂Great vid!

Frugal Drew: Yellow rangers been eating the same grass as my dog!

Nascarmomma M: Oh my I read about Zach, I’ll check his page. I pray his ok. Nice day on finds, sorry to hear about Zach though. ~ Texas

ErlefromVa: Congrats guys on another super trip to the River. EA, please tell me you kept the crescent moon piece at 13:30, Pretty sure you found a "Union Army XI Corp hat Badge"! If so that's a killer find my friend! Sorry to hear Zach got banged up, been looking for updates but haven't seen or heard anything yet! Thanks for sharing, now go back and look at the Crescent Moon find!

Kevin Sukdolak: Prayers

GonzalesTexas: EA where is the rest of this trip? Theres got to be more.

GonzalesTexas: I wanna play too! I wanna play too!

wayne harris: A mate asked me on friday after work are you coming out for a drink tonight and i said nop cant have to go home and watch this guy swishing .lol

Kevin Showers: The long barrel looks like a musket rifle from 1775 or The American Revolutionary War.

Beatrice Hall: I do hope you will update us soon on your friend, Zach. The Oliver plow blade, my father in law was an Oliver Equipment Dealer here in Southern Missouri for years. I can usually spot one of those green tractors at a distance. Not too many around anymore. Oliver sold out to Ford and they became a White tractor.

Kenny detecting: Great video. Hope Zack is ok.

Tillman SomethinRother: Great finds. I busted out laughing, when you gave the thumbs up for the pull tab.

johnnie mcatee: Sorry that Zach was hurt. He has my complete empath. Been there; done that but not as bad. Good wishes for a quick recovery. Great vid. Like the interaction of you 3.

Coni Torres: at 18:14 when you guys are trying to get that stetson bullet, all I could think of is, y'all need tweezers

Danny Thomas: EA that’s a honey hole glad everyone finding something What happen to Zach

Robert Shemory: Lucky👍👊

Mary Degenkolb: I have not been able to get any info on how Zack is doing.  I went to his page and website. No news.  I will keep watching for news.   I hate any one of our detecting pals getting hurt.  Guess its from being a Medic in the military that causes me to worry like this. Also, great find for all out on the river! Great finds for all! Please be safe!

Texas Plug Riches: You guys be careful out there! Great video!

Nancy Allred: what was the date of his accident? I'm staying with my momma near Atlanta. I don't have Facebook

Cornbreadjack digs Tenn: Sad about Zach..hope for his well being and not hurt bad..yall are surely finding some fine civil war relics,enjoyed the video..nice gun..CBJ

DM's MixUp: Great hunt!

diana keller The_Fam: wow i hope your friend will be ok

Jilly Bean: What was that piece with the maker's mark? 🤔

Azalea Acres: Oh my goodness , 🙏🏼.

Nancy Allred: How can I check on Zach? How is he ? That's horrible. Love your videos, please let us know how Zack is doing.

Randolph Relic Recovery: Sorry to.hear about Zack falling. Nice work on the bullets. The barrel looks like it might be a shotgun barrel. I half expected one of you to find a 12 pound cannon stiil attached to the mule! Maybe next time!

little1reefard: Awesome as always

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký

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