Civil Forfeiture: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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Did you know police can just take your stuff if they suspect it's involved in a crime? They can! It’s a shady process called “civil asset forfeiture,” and it would make for a weird episode of Law and Order. See? Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: For more on civil forfeiture, click here:

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký


Bill May: I'm amazed that no attorney has challenged this as being unconstitutional because it violates the due process of every constitution and the 14th amendment. The fact that the gov is doing it is a clear statement that we are under federal military occupation. That means communism.

cravinbob: This man with a British accent purports to deliver news to his viewers however his statement that the police "protect and serve" us reveals he is not even close to being current with news. Supreme Court decisions should be a top priority for journalists but I suspect he is not really a journalist and did not attend any journalism classes or work in the field of news reporting at all. The viewer should then be concerned about taking anything he says as "factual". His claim that he is a comedian also is highly dubious or at the very least he needs to hire a better team of writers for this and other shows he appears on and/or hosts especially one on Comedy Central. It is also subject to scrutiny that that network's name is accurate or actually a false claim which I believe the latter to be the case.

TheSardonicMan: My favorite clip due to mention of UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON. Mad City represent!!

Aaron Thoming: Well there's at least 2.3k anti American statists here

Kyuu -bbles: Plus one to the column "all cops are bastards"

lindkev: he left out the part about the guy going to buy a car because in this case the cop is the crinimal here , or as some would say a peice of sh#t MFing as# Ho#e theif


The Martial Arts Approach: 2.3k corrupt cops down voted this video.

Vilim Ivankovic: Have Americas ever heard of democracy and freedom?

Bellathebear: I feel relieved that Blackmail and Fraud are now illegal in Florida. yay

Jenn W: I'd be an Otspital.

matt zeni: 15:12 I guess Tony Profaci got out of prison and back on the force

James O'Blivion: The real question, though, is why police felt compelled to don full riot gear, to storm an art gallery on Funk Night.

Rywokast: they would have to shoot me before taking that money

SLAD: Goddamn the officer running with the toaster made me shit ma pants, also Jeff you’re awesome.

nic c: Cop from Massachusetts in deadpool mask : ha ha ha your getting arrested by someone driving a zamboney

Jocker: do you know the oldest lie in america? Power can be innocent...

Russell LeBlanc: How much money do you have in you're vehicle? Umm about none of your business. Pulled me over cus I had a light out and now I gotta tell you how much money I have? What's this have to do with my money?

arthur ward: The term chad, been around since 2014

Kelly Arthur: You're only 20yr behind. This has been going on since RICO was passed. How stupid was this guy letting the cops search his car?

Keenan Drummond: I'm sorry this sounds exactly why people are upset with red flag laws

steve worley: AND I QOUTE........."STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY"

Jeff Devine: it is insanity, and it happens because we let it happen. Stop it!

P Sweany: Go fuck yourself, John!

Susan Farley: I was severely disappointed to find out cops lie years ago. Never trusted them since.

gokul balagopal Payyanur: Deniro is money in spanish

gokul balagopal Payyanur: That guy who cared shark fins is guilty

rachel Hen13: They walk away cause it cost more money for lawyers and expenses just to find out the lawyer and judges are friends and they pay each other off and your money is the one they do it with

James Flynn: Look that cop needed that $2400 to fly to colombia to purchase drugs

Justin Dougherty: Taking money cause a drug dog hits on it is kinda bullshit when most money in America has trace amounts of cocaine or other drugs on it......

Jacob Lyon: The problem with police officers is that they're people, and people are shit. Good concept, shit candidates.

S T: 2:17 what! Okay time to take back your rights children! $2400, I walk around....some days—not many, but some days with that kinda cash. Yes they are called rent days, well when everything else is do too, but still that’s my money beehatch! You take my money I defend it, I use any and all means to my self preservation—and I am a Canadian you Michigan pussy! If I was an American, you’d have to go though my uzi too before getting $2400. That copper was a thief—he’s would have been full of lead, they could have called him a leadie! A dead thieving leadie, I assume more fitting then dead thieving copper. On his grave stone it could read, “he was a good cop, until he turned bad—here lays the result of that poor career choice”.

Birdman PB: So I was a police officer for 7 years, including 3 years in narcotics. These cops displayed are fucking idiots. The whole civil forfeiture thing is so misunderstood. and your "old school" cops and inexperienced drug guys are always just like "lot of money...must be drugs" "messy thats a 'lived in' look, thats an indicator of drug trafficking" its like....NO ...a messy car is not...a LIVED IN look is only coupled with knowledge the vehicle traveled long full of pee lol Our civil seizures were based on reasonableness and we had to explain why, and the defendent had opportunity to explain why its legit. So large sums of money, we would show they had no source of legitimate income , security cameras, show wthey are protecting their illegal proceeds and materials etc. We focused on money and items that were proceeds of illegal activity. this segment these guys are idiots who don't understand the law very well.

Birdman PB: alright , funny segment, but the guy said "Do you have a lot of money in your truck and trailer" yes he said it poorly , but it's obvious what he said lol

lmao this isn't a name: Most Americans don't trust their own police

Girlwhomust notbenamed: I mean most of us have seen pretty egregious examples of police corruption but this is absolutely mind-blowing. It's legalised robbery w/o any exaggeration or irony.

Allen Buchanan: US police. Biggest organized crime gang in the world.

Eric Reingardt: Sue a police department that did civil forfeiture, take it to the supreme Court and have the 4th amendment end this stupid thing once and for all

David Sumner: Here's my problem: this video does a really good job of showing how corrupt and cruel local governments can get. So, why does John Olliver and so many Leftwing people talking about this want to give the government more control over our lives. What in the world makes them think that the government will be more compassionate if given control over healthcare and managing people's private property for environmental excuses? It's the same thing with BLM: the cops are deliberately targeting black people for murder AND the cops should be the only ones with guns. I lean libertarian; I want to curtail the government's power, not kick it into overdrive.

Ivan J California: I appreciate this guy talking about this but jokes aside we’re living in a police state.

Tobacco Connoisseur: I will say this much for anyone finding this video years later. The Monterey Tennessee Police Department has gotten a new police chief since then, and has completely changed the civil forfeiture process so that the 20k confiscation story doesn’t get repeated.

Max Brazil: I'd trust a starving alligator in a room full of crawling infants before trusting the police.

Steve Steinmacher: Govt. Sanctioned hwy robbery. Who still believes that the cops are the good guys

Isaac Lightfoot: This is why people hate cops

Some College Kid: Don’t call it civil forfeiture. call it legalized robbery.

Some College Kid: I’m gonna be a mexican grammar Nazi to that cop. It’s “¿Usted tiene mucho dinero en su camión?”

LordPadriac: In case no one else noticed at @3:43 we all lost the game of asshole we didn't know we were playing with John Oliver.

Daniel Briggs: Got it start breaking into police stations and stealing their shit

Jarrod Yuki: by this point six years later, protection of private assets in your car is a lot better and trust in the police has been restored.

Toya Blackson: America I.N.C

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