GEFUNDEN!!! - Civi 6 LPT #4


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Description LPT zusammen mit Dark_Beginning!

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Axel Tinoco: You are right, I also believe that excersice has uncountable benefits for our body, after a workout I feel happy, no afraid of anything, I feel that I can eat the world. In addition to this a better sleep, more energy, better body etc.

Pyro Fox: damn i had such low chance to get depression at my age, i guess i am special :)

alphaomega lovesu: EPA for dry eyes. thanks i need that since i already gone to eye cataract surgery, both my eyes

alphaomega lovesu: exercise is medicine. very well said. make it natural and social. i think that's the way i actually wanted

alphaomega lovesu: i think you are very didicated in this topic. thank you. hope you keep going be always inspired

alphaomega lovesu: i feel sorry for the young people in america, same with korean celebrities. i hope they could have faith in God and i hope they try to visits philippines if they think they need to escape for depression. i believe filipinos can somehow cheer them up.

alphaomega lovesu: 1000000 life every year? so sad

Haydn Thurber: I litterally got a CHEG add while watching this video....

m yoosef: It's definitely one the greatest TED talks ever!

DodgedABullet: I have slept most of my life away, because of the pain....if I had to guess, I bet I’ve slept more than 45+ years of my 64 on this planet, the rest of the time I felt detached from myself. Depression is a theft!!!!

tom jones: another theory , i will add it to the dozens of other theories I have heard

Ty-Lee Pizza: Very good talk. I'm here because watching stuff like this is the only thing that makes me feel like I'm understood in a world full of people who always tell me "you will be fine", "you're just tired" or just dismissing my depression as if it is nothing but a bad day.

Elonna Changat: What if ur ten and had depression for four years 😭

peyton quinn: Good talk but really is not most of this intuitive and thus self evident? Like a prof on my doctoral boar said "Peyton anybody who is really happy in this life just doesn't understand what's going on".

Shrinivas swami: Modern city Life is depressing

Tyler Ward: I've been thinking this for years.

Lunch: One way to fix this... is to live like the Asians and Hispanics do. Quite modern but traditional in culture. Spend time with family and friends instead of focusing on yourself.

Surfer Josh: But what about that obscure video about a guy who is on an island and isolated from civilization who ends up naming a ball Wilson? He seemed depressed. I think rather depression comes from the lack of intimacy with others, especially the one being we were meant to be in a relationship with which is our Creator Yahweh, His Spirit and his son Jesus. And even aborigini people are full of darkness. Mankind is dark in general. Thats why we need to be made right. The tribes he is talking about have a culture of head hunting and cannibalism. We are all poisoned by the rebellious nature of sin.

Freya The Wolf: Damn. As someone who's been on zoloft for a year, and taken antidepressants since I was 9 or ten (7 years) I should really start walking again.

Christian Gabor: Just a passing thought, maybe add intermittent fasting to the list. Hunter gatherers didn't eat 3 heavy meals a day consistently. Not saying this is the main factor, but fasting can generally help reduce inflammation. A strange side effect of when I tried intermittent fasting besides weight loss was sharper cognitive focus and better mood after a couple weeks.

Anto Bellog: I wanna meet this guy

TheRubberStudiosASMR: This was amazing. Thank you.

Lynn Costello: You need to consider how the modern economic system affects people--those poor people working two or three jobs will not have time to exercise--hunter or gatherer groups aren't sitting at a desk for eight hours a day and then standing up for four more hours at McDonalds

Jane Lifestolen: The wheat field is sprayed with herbicides before it is harvested..That is a depressant. We need sunlight and need to take vitamin D. Also we need to extra magnesium. Being outside in a natural enviornment also helps.

faith richardson: God bless this man .

Wolfkai82 Cooks’n stuff: What if you don’t even have the funds to even survive? How can you Get treatment

Wolfkai82 Cooks’n stuff: How can you exercise when you’re constantly in pain have no motivation or will and are exhausted

TRICKSTER PIRATE: Do they even lift. bro.

Jennifer Grove: It is linked to inflammation and "lifestyle". Others are finding out more by accident. This is true. He's not telling the half of it. But the rest is far too controversial.

Sunny: I love this guy’s way of thinking. Thanks!!!

Teresa Kubat: Depression is a lack of vitality, not a lack of happiness.

Shyho Gaming: 5:50 AMAZING

Shyho Gaming: cute dide

Miau: Doing the same repetitive job over and over again for decades will drive you nuts. And you can't just quit your job and get a new one as easily as you used in the past.

Pulling the Strings: Blame all these bills, insurance cost, and Woman wanting all kinds of worthless goods.Anti-depressants don't help if your at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy. How could they? You're not depressed, you just have an awful life. That is not the same thing.

Anastasia Hadjitheodosiou: i am so depressed

Tim Orr: This message needs to be more widely spread. Having a sociological background, I know the effect and affect that civilization has upon our lives. Would that more could know. Thanks for this!

markoniMNE: I do not know if it was just a coincidence or placebo or... but, as soon as I started with omega 3 I felt measurable improvment in my depression issues

Calla Antoinette: Dude... I lived in the woods when i was a kid. Parents hunted for food. We had a garden etc. I was born with asthma. It was genetic from the Native American side of my family. My EDS was also from the Native American side. Many EDS people have asthma People have always been depressed. We just didn't have as many documents and we didn't have access to drugs. Even when we did is was shameful to talk about. Now we are more open than ever. :: hard eye roll ::

Lisa P: c

NowWrongIsRight? 2019: Nope! World is only a little more than 6,000 years old. So you teaching millions? I can't trust YOU.

WK B: I will kill myself tonight

Shaun0n-em-e: depression is a symptom to an underlying cause Happiness is a symptom. P.o.v

BhuvaneshB: I am suspicious of the data and the conclusions drawn. Simply because underdeveloped countries -- or aboriginals, for that matter -- report lower levels of depression does not mean they actually *have* lower levels of depression. That is especially true for males and for places where depression carries a big stigma equivalent to being crazy. The fact that the depression rate for younger generations is higher probably simply means younger generations are more likely to seek treatment for depression. Also, the increase in use of antidepressants is probably partly because of aggressive marketing by the pharmaceutical industry and partly because new and better treatments are now available. I'm not saying lifestyle has nothing to do with depression; spending time in nature does help as long as you're not severely depressed.

Your Loneliness: I was happy back in the 18th century, good times man.

Lara O'neal: Excellent content here. Thank u for upload.

JoeStrummerFan101: Which brand of fish oil contains 800 mg epa?

Simply Connected: You should be anti-medication - because medication is a scam and making the problem worse.

Simply Connected: These pharmaceutical drugs are doing colossal harm - because they give people a FALSE solution to turn to, and DISCOURAGE them from getting out and talking to people, and they are without exception harmful to physical and mental health - they only "work" via placebo, or lobotimization of the berserk. Psychiatrists are just sitting there between people who could be making friends. Its this system that's the problem. We're always looking to the authority - the doctor, the teacher, the banker, the government, the priest, or even the actors and the musicians - its always some authority who is "above" us in some way - we should turn and talk to each other and never mind all this societal engineering cr4p, its just drawing away all our energy.

Lo Ka: I play football (soccer) and I have depression and anxeity. Now I cry after every training and can’t shower because it is ”scary”. And if I training the evning before school. I can’t go to school. I don’t know what to do.

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký

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