History of China, Korea, Japan & Southeast Asia | Foundations of Eastern Civilization


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How did Eastern civilization—particularly that of China, Korea, Japan, and the nations of Southeast Asia—develop? What do we know about the history, politics, governments, art, science, and technology of these countries? In this first of 48 lectures, Professor Craig G. Benjamin of Grand Valley State University introduces you to the many people, achievements, and ideas that came out of Eastern civilization and played a role in creating the modern world. This FREE, Full-Length Lecture is #1 in a series of 48 videos called "Foundations of Eastern Civilization" by The Great Courses Plus. The course will take you on a grand journey to explore the big accomplishments of Eastern civilization, from the material economy of day-to-day life to the political and religious philosophies that would bind these cultures together for thousands of years. Watch the rest of this course when you sign up for a FREE trial of The Great Courses Plus here: https://www.TheGreatCoursesPlus.com/lp/t2/generic?utm_source=Video&utm_medium=Youtube&utm_campaign=161648 Please like/comment/share! And don't forget to subscribe to our channel - new videos are being added all the time! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheGreatCourses Follow us! Twitter: http://twitter.com/thegreatcourses Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheGreatCourses Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegreatcourses/ Blog: https://www.thegreatcoursesdaily.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-great-courses-by-the-teaching-company #nowisthetimetolearn #learnwithme #neverstoplearning #lifelonglearning #thegreatcoursesplus

Đăng ký tài khoản civi.vn miễn phí Đăng ký


music2306lover: Wow 😍 I'm sharing this with my daughter who is very interested in Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian history 👍🏻

Jack Farwood: The map is wrong. Let me check the comments to see if anyone else noticed. **Proceeds to close the application and put phone in a blender for good measure.

John hanser: in the world

John hanser: And Japan is the first country to be nuked

CALEB PELLMAN: i shred this with all of my friends and they said they loved it thank you for making these videos

Green Sky: China is the oldest continuous civilization

Phileas X: From the juvenile mistakes of identifying Thailand as Cambodia, marking out Greece as the origin of Christianity and leaving out Mongolia as an Eastern Civilization, to the less than expert use of modern boundaries to represent what the kingdoms and empires were back then, and finally to this ridiculously long introduction to an even more ridiculous 40+ episodes on Eastern Civilization, this series already has a lot of problems.

Safuwan Fauzi: I really want to know about Sub-Saharan Africa like Congo, South Africa, Ghana, Central Africa Republic, Kenya, Mozambique Civilization, sub-sahara africa architecture, castle, military technology, body armor, scientist, old city, citadel, temple and others.

Ryan Lajara: this documentary barely mentioned the Nations and Kingdom of Southeast Asia

ʜäʀᴛᴏᴇ Vᴀɴ ᴅᴇ sᴀʀ: From south east Asia Indonesia north Borneo

Dark Eternity: Now I know why East Asian all look Chinese, and a lot of south-eastern Asian looks like a mix of Indian and Chinese.

Ralitsa Angelova: I was expecting a documentary from the title of the video, please correct it to "introduction to course...." because it's very much click bait the way it is.

Tony Aarno: How do we southeaster looks Chinese?

Ryan Dawson: Half of this talk is prep defense for the wave of SJW nonsense attacks of what-about-ism

Diony Fredierick Galvez: Very long introduction

TheTechCguy: It is this part of the world and this culture that would also spread further north and east towards the Americas, too. Thousands of years before the first Europeans set sail in ships by the 1500s.

Black pink: nice video ,from Indus valley civilaztion. southAsia

less than mediocre: Boring... Such an interesting topic, but the pacing feels slow and your delivery is dull.

F BN: Japan liberated ASIA from western colonies and chenged the world

Marie Abarca: Love the background by the way.

Marie Abarca: ?

Marie Abarca: Are you not the tired of standing!

Michael Vonhaven: China was once the best, and they strive to excel and be the best again.

Tee Lee: Ok so how did humans come to settle Asia? Before emperors and dynasties where did those people come from?

Tai Hung: Watching these videos are truthly amazing Makin realize the modern world now from then.

Tai Hung: Without history we won't remember how we discovered facts and amazing things we have achieve now and we also need the future to built on as a foundation of a new age.

martel hinds: I think that the original Japanese gene pool came from Iran or Afghanistan but that it has also got Chinese genes mixed in it too which would explain their white skin colour their eye's and their straight black hair plus their religious culture and their etiquette.

Michael: 3:25 "It was the First Emperor order the walls to be constructed" Not quite. Walls were all ready there, built by other smaller kingdoms. When we conquered all of the kingdoms, he just joined the walls up.

Garrisonian: You're not saying anything about the foundations of their social and cultural significances about this part of the world.

Lost Serendipity: Great insight

Jacqueline Nova: At minute 8.12 the map is incorrect and is showing Thailand instead of Cambodia... How great is this course?

lahoe ne: Japan has a high literacy rate for hundreds of years. It was higher than that of European countries. For a long time in Japan, the language culture was rich and the rational culture was mature. On the Korean Peninsula, slavery existed 100 years ago. Nearly 40% of the total population of Korea was a slave. Korea's literacy rate at that time was 6%. Japan abolished slavery in Korea. Korea, which was dominated by the dynasty of the day, monopolized the wealth of the poor Korean with a slight privilege class. The Korean citizens lived in a straw climbing roof, education, medical care and social systems were the poorest countries. The king of Korea was unable to suppress the rebellion of large farmers in Korea that occurred at the time. Then the king asked Japan and China to send troops to Korea. After suppressing that revolt, Ito (former Japanese prime minister) got angry that the king of Korea "why did you devastate Korea so far?"

Couch Potato: I saw Bhutan 🇧🇹 so here I am

ghadlaidlass: Where are the rest of the lectures? This was a brief intro of your syllabus. And please tell me you've improved your pronunciation of names, places, and historical sites. Other than that, good intro.

Yukirin: Good

ken jen: Thanks, this is really fascinating.

matthew mann: Mongolia needs to catch up to China, Japan, And Korea in advancements technologically

I only miaow when needed: A big Thank you! this helped me in my exams! ❤❤❤

libre jrc: You need to add "Introduction to the..." at the beginning of the title in order to be valid

Hara Lingayan: Corrections - That's a map of modern Thailand, not Cambodia 8:04. - The Mayan Pre-Classic period can be dated all the way back to 2,000 BC or 4,000 years ago. There are also other older civilizations in the Americas like the Olmecs... Civilization in the Americas are quite old.

21 Prom Sengpunnareach: You got the map of Cambodia wrong. The map you put in the video is the map of Thailand.

Naimul Haq: 9,000 years ago Krishna preached the Sanatan religion to the Yadav tribe of Gujarat, centering around the first and by far the oldest monotheistic god Vishnu: Who is the cause of the evolution of the world and who is the conjoined essence and object of meditative wisdom and active virtue (karma)- Vishnu Purana, translated by H.H.Wilson. London 1840. Long after Krishna, the whole of humanity embraced, voluntarily, the Buddhist mindset of non-violence, human rights, rule of law, liberty and freedom, kindness etc., called Bodhisattva, that created the modern civilization.

mahmod eissa: In listing the regions influenced by China I prefer the term IndoChina . Beside the geographical naming , lts more inclusive than just mentioning Vietnam. But then the weight of the name in an English language course. Not to mention the malayan archepelogo. .

Ibnziyad Tariq: Damn i love History

Antonio Calhau: Thanks! Excellent intense presentation. Beautiful office!

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