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Description What is a CV axle? A CV axle transfers power from the engine to the front wheels on vehicles with front-wheel drive. Axles with CV joints do require maintenance sometimes. Debris and dirt can get on the CV axle and damage it, but if you can catch it early, you can salvage the cv joint. In this video, Bruce Bonebrake tells you what symptoms indicate problems with the cv axle and cv joint and how to diagnose the problem.

Đăng ký tài khoản miễn phí Đăng ký


Martin Maks: Your opinion on this problem? ://

Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia: Steve Wozniak?

Onyx Boxers: How come it always seems after I use the donut tire my CV joint starts to make noise?!

twas brillig: Well what the F happened to the nissan maxima???? unwarranted cliffhanger

Ninooo Skates: Honestly I think this is exactly what’s wrong with my girlfriends car . I just learned how to clean her mass airflow sensor for the first time 😃 and now I’m going to try to see if I can find out where the damage is with this video because every time we turn the steering wheel all the way it makes that popping/clicking sound like in your video . Thank you so much for this video bonebreak!

gue st: 13 dec 2019 11:24 am est:thanks

Avinaash Jagan: Which cars use cv joints of articulation angle greater than 40 degrees?

Alexander Dupree: Shouldn't I get a alignment after wards

Marc Miller: The noise that the truck is making is happening to me,on the driver side.but I changed my axle! Only the beginning of the noise not the ending!Anybody have any idea what it could be?

Miguel Chavez: Thanks for the video. This helped me confirm that my outer CV joint needs to be replaced. Here are my symptoms: wheel vibrations (more noticeable on freeway) but wheel balance didn't fix it, a click/pop noise when wheels are fully turned left and I am making a hard stop, clicking noise during a sudden stop after coasting, and more road noise while coasting. When my inner joint went bad, I would get a wobble and wheel vibration on moderate to hard acceleration. If you have a Honda, don't use AutoZone axles. Go with Raxles, Insane Shafts, or OEM from salvage yard.

Edward Dominguez: My boot didnt fail it popped out the transmission end from the intermediate shaft

Kurt Randolph: I have a 2011 Kia Sorento and I found a split boot on my passenger side CV joint. The grease had been expelled from the outer boot, so I know I should replace it. But here's my question. I was in the process of diagnosing a wheel pull issue that led me to this discovery. I thought the problem was a worn strut or linkage component, but the CV issue was the only thing I found. Is a sloppy CV joint the reason my wheel pulls to the right on acceleration? I don't hear the classic clicking or vibration sounds for a bad CV joint. I do have a wheel pull issue though. Does this make sense? Anyone else experience this symptom as well?

YAMAHA - BRATISLAVA: 3:49 use this tool ONLY if you gonna change those ball joints for new ones. The tool will tear boot, as you can see in the video, and sooner or later, you will have same problems like with torn boot on cv axle - grease will come out and dirt will come in leading to destroy of ball joint.

ryan booker: is it recommended to do both the cv joints at the same time? also what kind of cost

Jogchen Gurung: streeing can be locked ?

Wondering IN NY: Where the rest of the video?

Mohamed AlHamadi: Hi I have a problem in my car of the type of Toyota avalon 2007 when you press the accelerator pedal car shaking but when you leave the accelerator pedal disappears can you help me

bilal mayat: Thanks

Trideep Kakati: sir is it possible to buy the cover and put some grease in the joint? will it work for long term? and what type of grease do i have to use

slap Fish: Just saved me money, I was replacing my upper and lower ball joints and noticed I could pull my CV in an out. I thought it was messed up but you just showed its supposed to do that. Thanks!

Vortecx Pc: One thing America do best !

Anonymous TwoTone: I was in a accident. My rim laid back to the back due to a bend spindle. I drove it home when I started it up the cv axle mate a pop sound and transmission fluid went everywhere. When a cv axle goes bad will it leak transmission fluid. Thank you

X-Man: Does anyone really go to the trouble of removing one of these CV axles and fix a torn boot? They are $50-$60 each. Put in a new one and be done with it.

way gill: thank you my brother I need this done to my ( 2005 Camry ) how much you this cost ? he wants 80 labor for both sides ( and I buy the cv axle )

george manson: I have had a Subaru forester 1997 (automatic) from new (approx. 70,000 miles on the clock), that has been great for all the years with very little to do other than annual services. However, recently I have had a lot of vibration & shuddering on the wheels when making tight turns (left or right) but never on the straight. It is difficult to identify which wheels the noise or shudder comes from and I don't feel much through the steering wheel. I have had all differentials replace that has reduced the frequency but not eliminated the problem. We hope it isn't the automatic gear box but has anyone got any ideas what to do next.

Nancy Wangeci: ,Thanks for the nice videos

dagchristine: This was helpful. Thanks.

pizzamon 79: Your cv axles are of very poor quality. I put one of yours in and it was clicking in less than 3000 miles.

cant stopthemusic: im going to change my name to bruce bonebreak...awezome

Ngwako Sekgodiso from bolobedu: Good advise

Deborah Burns: Amaris

J T the brick: Are there any good split or two piece replacement boots? Friends of mine are telling me they just don't last..

TheJanka51: i can't believe you don't even have an impact wrench and using old school forks to remove joints

Jesus Amian: is USA Patent Overlapping Design, fits on all vehicle

leonard drone view: Should the inner joint have some up down play

theylied1776: Thank you, AutoZone. You just put my mind at ease.

Becky Grooms: I got a 2001 GMC Sonoma and it was a 5" lift on it has been jacked up 8" and when I put it in 4x4the front axle comes out I got 33"tires on it

badad0166: 0:26

RELLIKPIR: one of the best videos I seen for the clicking and vibration. Thanks.

wrigs wrigley: hey bruce .was you wrestling in the 90$

Huntley Bloxham: Any body know why a cv inner joint is popping out and loosing trans fluid

BARRICADE GARAGE: just finished this job on a '09 Galant ://

Joey Rodriguez: Somebody please please help.....I have a 97 civic..when car is jacked up...passenger front tire spins freely...driver side has tension ...enough to where I can tighten a lug nut while it's still lifted ...why is this ?

marleyslim Martin: Very helpful

꧁꧂ Ꮧ Ꮼ S Ꮛ ꧁꧂: This video was great.. exactly what I needed to know

Lesli Janee': THIS IS WHY I LOVE AUTOZONE!! Thank you so much for breaking this down EVEN MORE because I plan on replacing my CV joint/axle/half shaft lol and with all the different names it was called I was getting turned around.

shadowflare99: Look very easy ... is it so easy on my mercedes ?

Angel: Amazing vid. Confirmed my problem.

ROFLgator: I'm thinking about lifting my Tacoma. Will lifting the truck affect the CV joint or any other component such as the steering?

حاتم الجراح: Nice video 👍🏼👏🏼

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