Waltzing Tilda | Post-Apocalyptic Short Film (2017)


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When Tilda wakes up to find herself the last human on earth she goes on a journey along with her bunny rabbit Shane, experiencing both the immense joy and crippling loneliness of a world without humans. Please like, share, comment and subscribe! Your support is invaluable! LINKS The Making of Waltzing Tilda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zisWD1wdeZo Visual Effects breakdown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9LQBv-DYjI Waltzing Tilda on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6433186/ Waltzing Tilda on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waltzingtilda Waltzing Tilda on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waltzing.tilda Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9xGtwzYRgw The Original Soundtrack on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7Fl9k1kFWRl08xMXK73lrm BACKGROUND My classmates and myself made this film during our studies at Sydney Film School in Australia. I’ve always been torn between enjoying solitude and at the same time not wanting to be alone, and that’s what I wanted to make this film about. I decided on the post-apocalyptic setting in part for my love of dystopian/end of the world stories and also because I wanted to see if we with limited means would be able to create a world usually reserved for Hollywood productions. We live in a world where anyone can make a film yet a lot of people still seem to think you need a certain budget, certain equipment or a big crew to make a “proper” film. We shot this film on a consumer budget camera and almost half of it was shot with a skeleton crew of three. Initially there was some scepticism about the achievability of the film but that only made us more determined. It proved to be a huge challenge and at times I wasn’t sure if we would pull it off, but I think it’s important to aim a bit too high - it forces you to be better. I’m very proud of the end result and I’m so happy to share this film with you. I hope you enjoy it! NEWS & ARTICLES Stories Through the Camera - Podcast: https://www.storiesthroughthecamera.com/podcast/2017/7/22/episode-5-waltzing-tilda-filmmakers-jonathan-wilhelmsson-raquel-linde-holly-fraser Cinema Australia - Article: https://cinemaaustralia.com.au/2017/07/02/sunday-shorts-waltzing-tilda/ FilmInk Magazine - Article: https://filmink.com.au/2017/student-short-film-waltzing-tilda-will-blow-mind/ Movie Theater Prices - Interview: https://www.movietheaterprices.com/waltzing-tilda NY Elite Magazine - Interview: https://nyelitemagazine.org/2017/07/04/waltzing-tilda-by-jonathan-wilhelmsson-is-the-big-winner-at-the-sydney-film-awards/ CAST Holly Fraser – Tilda Glean De Goya – Shane (voice) Bandit the Rabbit – Shane Indiana Kwong – Tilda’s Friend (voice) Dr. John Buckmaster – Father (voice) Rosie Keogh – Upset Woman Fiona Craven – Friendly Woman Petra Lovrencic – Free Hugs Raquel Linde – Spanish Attack Kisser Ellen Johansson – Left On Cutting Room Floor Jonathan Wilhelmsson – Blink And You Miss It CREW Writer/Director – Jonathan Wilhelmsson Producer – Raquel Linde Composer – Carita Boronska Film Editing – Sarah Schmidt & Jonathan Wilhelmsson Director of Photography – Paul d’Indy Visual Effects/Grading/Graphic Design – Jonathan Wilhelmsson First Assistant Director – Raquel Linde Camera Assistants – Gourav Ghandi & Sebastian Ulriksen Production Assistant – Rosario Romero Uranga Production Design – Kit Marshall Gow, Glean De Goya, Jermaine Yuen & Kieran Strang Animal Wrangler – Indiana Kwong Make-Up Artist – Raquel Linde Sound Recordist – Luke Hilderbraat Sound Design & Sound Mix – Jonathan Wilhelmsson ADR & Voice-Over Recording – Mitchell Sloan & Luke Hilderbraat Assistant Editor – Bailey Cumbers Equipment Supervisors – Ellen Johansson, Teresa Carante, Davide Carta, Quais Waseeq Co-Producer – Jonathan Wilhelmsson Executive Producers – Daniel Wallentin, Kathryn Miliss, Ben Ferris, Richard James Allen & Heather Ogilvie Post Production Supervisor – Paul Black Script Editors – Warren Coleman, Howard Jackson, Alicia Walsh, Ben Ferris, Richard James Allen SONGS “Bruabarami (con Joe I.)”, “Vietnam” Written & performed by Malltrip Courtesy of Carlos Arias López “Tjörn” Written & performed by Ars Sonor Courtesy of Ars Sonor “Waltzing Matilda” Written by A.B. Banjo Paterson Performed by Erika Iljero & Henning Winnberg “Irish Hearts” Written & performed by Fred Van Eps “Irish Clouds” Written & performed by Bugs and Rats Courtesy of Bugs and Rats Golden Hour Written & performed by Starover Blue Courtesy of Kendall Sallay Sydney Film School © 2017

Đăng ký tài khoản civi.vn miễn phí Đăng ký


curtis Long: Honestly, I watch quite a lot of these apocalyptic films,and this is the best one I have seen by far. That's no lie. I am a sub now

Jimmy Hoffman: It would be an awesome life to be able to live by the choices you make. Humans suck.

Lmagee010: Very nice!

Shanan Alexander: It took me a minute to realize it was the rabbit. Best one I have seen so far. 2👍👍 up.

Chris West: *when she puts the crown back* ....smh

ResurrectionX: Wow this was unique 😂👌

Maria Taylor: This is not post apocalyptic! why she killed her pet rabbit😠

Tom McLean: Brilliant

Kyle Darnell: I wish I had watched this sooner. Great film!

YannickFilms: Beautiful Short Film! Nice message & very creative way to sneak in the ending credits :D🔥

Breanna Baxtron: She looks like she could be janelle evans little sister ..no? oh ok ...

helen m: good ending x

intervalkid: Did asshole say "nothing unclean like a heaven and all that."? WTF

paul winstanley: Great film! Really like the message and delivery. I knew I was onto something up my alley when I saw "Affectionate Anarchists" were involved. I'm a "Bananarchist" myself; the (pen)ultimate conspiracy. Go crazy with love. Ta from Canada's west coast.

Dirtluver Luver Uv Dirt: Yeah fuck that homeless guy

Thomas Collins: This has millenial self absorption written all over it. A young tart defacing art, stealing museum artifacts, demolishing buildings and letting a poor bunny rabbit eat pills that kill it. Then embarks on a futile beautification campaign. Nihilism at its best. Well made film though.

Suzanne Edmonds: What an amazing short movie on many levels, concept, acting, camera work, settings and editing. The only part I am debating with myself on was the premature rolling of the credits followed by the ending. Overall very enjoyable. I understand why someone made the comment about the movie wanting them to be a better person.

Matthew Meere: Really well done. Shout out to the incidental music, nailed it.

B Rose: Yup, pandemic time is a good time to get caught up on short post apocalyptic films.

Xerdar36: Do you know only thing wrong with this film was it was short... I wanted MORE!!!!

Gareth Oneill: Great change from the usual post-apocalyptic drivel, with the journey over the wasteland by someone in a gas mask, who then goes on to do badly choreographed gun battle or fist fight. I think this has been influenced by the 1985 New Zealand film 'The Quiet Earth'.

Eugene Gervais: Wow what a great movie, very well done.🙂💕

megaotstoy: Cultural Marxism is so strong in this movie

Our Lady of the Flowers 666: Ya and fuck you for gettin me chocked up.. Yours Truly Our Lady of the Flowers..

BH H: Who is quaritined here?

Kenny Dude: Great work!

DGneoseeker1: Well. Those are interesting lyrics.

Lisa C Texas: What a refreshing surprise..one of the better made shtf movies on YouTube..and I’ve watched MANY...Thanks

DARK ANGEL: This chicks biggest problem isnt being all alone, her biggest problem would b if she thinks the rabbit 🐇is actually talking 2 her, she is having a conversation with it.

ROHIT JHA: This was awesome, I mean really this was awesome..... IDK why you have very less subscribers... anyway.... Awesome story awesome acting awesome in every aspects... and its a quite horrible imagination... I don't like crowded places I always stay in my room, working from home, online study etc. so I don't meet a lot of people, I don't have a lot of friends but after watching this I called all my families and friends... at least I am not alone on entire planet...

Darrell Lee: Solitude isnt that bad if ya got someone to share it with.

#2 FAU Football: Sure does hit home, doesn't it.

DroopyWorm: When the fuck is the next episode?

tkell31: Really sold it, and like other said crazy job on the scenes/empty streets and buildings. Good example of when different is good.

Twiggy141: "Woke up this morning and something was different"....no shit Sherlock! Lol

Jtizzo: This is fuckin amazing. But my god, she lives so unhealthy.. damn shame. Rabbit was so right.

Mr J Haha: I loved it! Great post apocalyptic film!! Great story it was brilliant good message

Julie Ann: I LOVE this film. Makes me want to be a better person.

Lloyd Billings: Loved it 🐰Jonathan ❤️

Child of the Creator God: 'Piece of trash' video. What a waste of film making. Surprised that anyone would own up to making this and put their name on it.

tim jones: What a worthless girl.. Pick a better survivor next time.

Andreea Raia: 🌻

Mundo 2024: She's into the hard liquor, no beer or wine. No wonder she ends up talking to a rabbit (no offence to the bunny)

D. Grouard: I really enjoyed this film but, now I am sad. I can relate to the loneliness Tilda experienced at the end and with the loss of her bunny friend. The film was very well done and profound.

Joseph Hall: The bunny should have won a golding globe award who taught it to talk must have taken alot of time and repeating words than teaching it sentences years I think please let me know the rabbits name.

David Douglas: Is this a true story? She should of eaten the rabbit.

Veronica Reid: Such a shit message. 'Love the establishment even when it has you under its boot heels'

Dee: thanks for the upload. The film was touching to the heart...though I could have done without the cursing.

hippo4g93: I hope she put a sorry note by those buildings she blew up 🤣

constantin baiculescu: This is beautiful 👍

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